Hello, I'm Hannah Sukut, the artist behind Thlayli Designs. I handcraft all my art in my 400 square feet apartment in Livingston, Montana with every spare minute I can find.

As a self-taught jewelry artist, I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and tools. I love the process of starting with a few pieces of material, like metal, stone, flowers or leaves and transforming it into something beautiful and unique that can be worn and enjoyed for years.  So far, my favorite things to work with are enamel, silver and copper electroforming.

I have a B.S. in ornamental horticulture/landscapes design, so I really enjoy bringing my knowledge and love of plants to my jewelry design. I draw a lot of inspiration from the amazing mountains and wilderness that surround my home in Montana. I love to incorporate natural elements in my designs and make beautiful jewelry out of ordinary objects that I collect, whether stones and sticks or leaves and flowers. Hopefully, you'll experience some of Montana's natural beauty when you wear my jewelry.

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